Welcome to the homepage of the Estonian Marine Institute, University of Tartu!

The Estonian Marine Institute is a contemporary scientific institution. The main purpose of the Marine Institute is research to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the Marine sphere in Estonia and the Baltic Sea region.
The Estonian Marine Institute is one of the biggest marine organizations in Estonia and contributes to research in several marine study fields. Our research ranges from sea water physics to biology, from microscopic scale to full ecosystems, having unique expert opinions and qualifications in most Marine research fields.

The Estonian Marine Institute is a study base for marine biology-orientated postgraduate students and is improving the advanced and extensive higher Marine Science education in Estonia.

The active progress of marine sciences in Estonia in the last decades has increased the awareness of Estonian science around the Baltic Sea region and also in Europe. The Estonian Marine Institute also collobarates with scientists and specialists from all around the world to conduct high level marine research. Estonian marine scientists have been very successful at the international level as the number of high-rated scientific publications and international projects continually increases. On the other hand, a significant part of the marine research is focused on solving the local scientific problems, which are important for Estonia.
We hope that you find the answers you seek about the Institute or at least details of the specialist or other resource which can assist you.

Markus Vetemaa,