Quality formation:
• September 2005 – Estonian Marine Institute’s Pärnu Marine Station was accredited by EAC in water analysis field (14 diferent chemical methods)
• 2006 – certified seawater samplers
• 2006 – Pärnu Marine Station was merged with the department of marine biology
• Autumn 2007 – preparations for accreditations of marine biology methods (plankton and bethos)
• Autumn 2008 – opening of new laboratories which meet the international standards. In the laboratory about 15 Estonina Marine Institute’s experts started working. For monitoring chemists carry out nutrition analysis and marine biologists analyse phytobenthos, zoobenthos and plankton.
• July 2008 – EAC supervised visit to evaluate marine biology methods and new laboratory. They issued an updated accreditation certificate.
• September 2009 – EAC regular visit, the annex was updated.
• December 2009 – EAC reassessment and laboratory was accredited until 2015. 16 methods were accredited.

The current state

Estonian Marine Institute’s marine biology laboratory is accredited by EAC with registration-number L179 (14.12.2015). The laboratory is the first marine field laboratory, which is accredited by EAC and it carries out water chemical analysis and marine biology analysis according to EVS-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2006 standard “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”. The accreditation certificate can be seen here (L179 lisa) and there are also a list of the analysis methods.