IRGC welcomes as members any individual person or corporate body involved in charophyte research.

Membership is subjected to payment of annual dues; at present, membership dues are Euro 20, payable to the Treasurer.

Members receive the IRGC-News that contains all pertinent information concerning progress in charophyte research as well as technical and bibliographic data, produced in March every year

Members are entitled to vote and eligible for the Executive Committee; they receive the IRGC News-letter with any information about what is going on in Charophyte research ; they may use the IRGC News to circulate appropriate information to the community.

Application form for new members

Please print, fill and sign, and send back to:

Dr Susanne Schneider
Norwegian Institute for Water Research

Gaustadalleen 21
0349 Oslo, Norway

E-mail : susi.schneider{at}

Membership fees

Annual membership fees amount to 20 Euro (ca. $25 US), due by January each year. More years payment is encouraged to reduce mailing costs.

Payment instructions are included in the Application Form PDF (see above)

IRGC Members