Regional Groups

Group of European Charophytologists (GEC)

The GEC was founded in 1987, in the widest sense of this word to include every scientist interested in recent or fossil charophytes.

The structure is an informal one; there is no membership fee.

Over many years, the GEC was co-ordinated by Dr. J.P. BERGER, Geological Institute, University of Fribourg. During the 14th meeting of the GEC in October 2003, the European Group decided upon a rotating presidency assumed by the organisers of successive GEC meetings.

President (2015-2017): Dominique Auderset-Joye, Aurélie Boissezon (Switzerland)

Chinese Regional Group on Charophytes (CRGC)

The CRGC mostly combines its meetings with the venue organised by the Micro-palaeontological or Palaeobotanical Society in China.

In years 2004-2016 Qi-Fei Wang was the coordinator of the group. During the IRGC assembly in 2016 Li Sha was proposed as contact person.

South and North American Group (SNAG)

This group was founded in 2004 (4th IRGC Symposium, Australia) Simone Baecker-Fauth accepted (6th IRGC Symposium, Argentina) to coordinate this group.